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A great 12×12 Scrapbook Paper Deal!!

Posted by memoriesfromtheattic on September 19, 2009

Over at Memories from the Attic they are having a QUARTER MANIA, so almost every sheet of paper is 25 cents!!  Hurry on over there before it gone.  I seen some Sassafras Lass!!

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Friday Freebies

Posted by memoriesfromtheattic on September 18, 2009

10.00 Schwan give away Limited to the first 500,00 new customers (must not of ordered in the last 14 weeks)  SO if you were always curious about the Schwan delivery now is your chance to give them a try for 10.00 free food and delivery!!

Free 5×5 photo book Visit Memory Escape for a free photo book, these make the most awesome gifts!  And with Christmas coming…… Just saying…

I am just starting the new change in the blog switching over to new post topics so please bear with me and check back often!  I plan to keep you informed of all the snatch em up deals!

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Posted by memoriesfromtheattic on September 7, 2009

If  you have a chance check this out you earn the bucks and then you buy gift certificates and other things with them, for 5 swagbucks you can buy a certificate for music downloads, video games etc. 

Come here and check it out, totally free to join and they do not email you , which is a plus!!  Nobody likes SPAM!!


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I think it is time to start talking about saving!!

Posted by memoriesfromtheattic on September 6, 2009

SO my first saving plan is for you to snag some Dove shampoo sample!  More  Dove coupons here .

The last few weeks I have been cutting coupons and HAVE REALLY been saving, you would not believe and it has been easy, just by doing a little blog reading and online coupons.  The online coupons I have got are from and places like that be watching because I am going to be posting some more places to help you save!

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Barefoot Books

Posted by memoriesfromtheattic on July 29, 2009

Have you heard of Barefoot Books?  I just heard about them recently!  They have tons of books, they are grouped in age groups and different topics.  I think they might be the most awesome children books out there, plus the illustrations are wonderful.  You can see them here.

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You Rang???

Posted by memoriesfromtheattic on July 22, 2009

I have been searching for an old, black, vintage phone!  I have not taken my search out on the road yet,  but….I did call my Mom to see if she could get my Grandpa’s old phone, now would that not be so awesome to have a vintage piece that also has lots of meaning to ya?  Oh gives me love chills just thinking about it!  The phone my Mom eagerly waited for my Dad to call her on for a date!  The phone that Grandma received the call that my Mom was pregnant with me or I was born!  Oh if the phone could tell it’s stories…..


It will look wonderful sitting with my vintage cameras maybe, just maybe their paths have crossed somewhere.

What do you love about vintage?

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Free Personal signatures – cool!

Posted by memoriesfromtheattic on June 16, 2009


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Time Flies Oh MY…..

Posted by memoriesfromtheattic on June 4, 2009

School is out for summer!  School is out forever!!

Have you made some fun summer plans with your kiddos?  

I am working on plans for a Scrap Camp in the area here, so if you are close by and want some details let me know!  5 days of scrappy goodness and take home 3 projects and 1 completed 20 page album, could it get much better than that?


Stop by my Etsy shop, you can find the direct route on the right side column and check out the Fridge Jewelry, isn’t it the neatest??

Refrigerator Jewery Magnets for the Fridge



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1 Little, 2 little, 3 little Easter Eggs

Posted by memoriesfromtheattic on March 26, 2009


Yep, it almost that time again to gather up all the eggs you can and let the decorating begin!  What do you think of that yarn egg?  

What about this chicken egg?


It was made using a brown egg.

These are just some ideas I found at the Family Fun web site.  We will probably just do what we do every year, let the kids decide how the eggs will look!

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What do you need?

Posted by memoriesfromtheattic on February 26, 2009

For a little fun go find out what you need……  Go to Google and type in your name and then needs,  like Jeri needs and look at what comes up.  Betcha didn’t know some of the things you needed..

Here are a couple of my needs….

Jeri needs:

 no contest to prove my talents

apparently I made someone mad because it said who needs a friend like me…

to tell you something


Share your needs.

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