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What do you need?

Posted by memoriesfromtheattic on February 26, 2009

For a little fun go find out what you need……  Go to Google and type in your name and then needs,  like Jeri needs and look at what comes up.  Betcha didn’t know some of the things you needed..

Here are a couple of my needs….

Jeri needs:

 no contest to prove my talents

apparently I made someone mad because it said who needs a friend like me…

to tell you something


Share your needs.

One Response to “What do you need?”

  1. Beth W said

    Interesting-I need to retract my statements about not traveling to Aruba and these :
    Beth needs to stop it already with the lies 3) Beth needs a job. Beth needs to go back to school. Beth needs to get out of the house. …
    I copied and pasted those-too funny!

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