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Barefoot Books

Posted by memoriesfromtheattic on July 29, 2009

Have you heard of Barefoot Books?  I just heard about them recently!  They have tons of books, they are grouped in age groups and different topics.  I think they might be the most awesome children books out there, plus the illustrations are wonderful.  You can see them here.

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You Rang???

Posted by memoriesfromtheattic on July 22, 2009

I have been searching for an old, black, vintage phone!  I have not taken my search out on the road yet,  but….I did call my Mom to see if she could get my Grandpa’s old phone, now would that not be so awesome to have a vintage piece that also has lots of meaning to ya?  Oh gives me love chills just thinking about it!  The phone my Mom eagerly waited for my Dad to call her on for a date!  The phone that Grandma received the call that my Mom was pregnant with me or I was born!  Oh if the phone could tell it’s stories…..


It will look wonderful sitting with my vintage cameras maybe, just maybe their paths have crossed somewhere.

What do you love about vintage?

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